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VG and PG: What’s the Difference and Why Do I Care?

February 02, 2017




If our bodies are mostly water, then our vape is mostly VG and PG. Put simply, VG (vegetable

glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) comprise the vast majority of your e-liquid and they’re

what make your vape, vape.






You might notice that your e-liquid lists the ratio of VG to PG. VG

is the portion that provides the “vapor” element.

The higher the vegetable glycerin percentage,

the larger and thicker your cloud will be when vaporized.





On the other side of the coin, propylene glycol is your flavor vehicle. It gives you the “throa

t hit” you feel on an inhale. So a higher PG percentage in an e-liquid will result in a harsher

experience. One of its primary benefits is simulating the feeling of smoking tobacco. That’s

why smokers who are trying to transition to vaping often opt for a higher PG blend of e-liquid

to get the same bite. Propylene glycol also has the vital role of carrying flavor

concentrates and extracts.



Studio Session-065-8.jpg

Why does all of this matter? Easy:

it lets you dial into the exact type of vape

you love most and troubleshoot problems.

If VG equals thicker juice and PG is thinner juice

, you can get the perfect vape for your setup. If there’s any

spitting or leaking juice, you may be vaping something too

thin. Or if the tank is pumping out dry hits, it’s probably

too thick. You can fine tune the exact VG setting for the

optimal cloud.



Similarly, you’ll want the right PG as well.

Higher PG e-liquids pair best with lower wattage, higher ohm coils, and less power consumption.

Conversely, higher VG gets along best with high wattage, low ohms, and much higher power usage.


Fortunately, we offer a wide array PG:VG blends in our shop to help satisfy every vaper. Once

you find your ideal ratio, you’ll be that much closer to your peak vaping experience.