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Vaping Success Stories From Reddit That Strike a Chord

July 19, 2017

The vaping community can hardly catch a break lately. Sure, we’re getting a steady stream of innovative new tanks and mods, they are relatively fairly priced (on FastTech at least), and we KNOW that we’re doing ourselves a world of good. However, bad news just keep on piling, affecting vapers across the globe. Case in point - this article that highlights CDC’s shoddy research that aims to demonize vaping. Or, the TPD regulations that will severely limit vapers’ choices in the EU.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that, more often than not, mainstream media jumps at the opportunity to let us all know how that vape of yours will knock your teeth out! Forget about proper handling, Ohm’s law and all that other inconvenient stuff - your vape will kill you out of sheer malice. At least, that’s what these reports would have us believe.

5 Heartwarming Vaping Success Stories From Reddit

Outside of vaping circles, there’s surprisingly little talk about how vaping saves lives. You know, talk about the things that truly matter - better health, savings, positive environmental impact and so on. Reddit, on the other hand, is full of them. Not only will you find answers to every imaginable question about vaping there, you’ll also run into some truly heartwarming vaping success stories. We picked five of our favorites - hopefully, they’ll inspire you and show you that life without analogs is not only possible but also fuller and longer.


1) One Dad’s Happiest Day 

Reddit user /u/Biggsavage published this post on December 13th, 2013 - definitely one of the best days of his life, if we might add. Not only was he one year smoke-free, he was also blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby. He dodged a whopping 7,313 cigarettes according to the QuitNow app and saved over $ 2,000! Not to mention, he added months, if not years, to his life. He notes that he’s grateful because he’ll get to spend them with his two kids (he has an older baby girl). Some Reddit users were quick to point out that nappies will quickly make a hole in his wallet. Still, money not spent on analogs is always well spent, regardless of where else it goes. In our book, nappies beat smoking any day of the week. Belated congratulations to Biggsavage - here’s hoping that this December will mark five years that he’s been smoke-free.

2) The Last Thing This Dad Did Was To Prolong His Son’s Life

The love that a parent feels for their children is often immeasurable - or at least it should be. They make mistakes, sure - but who doesn’t? More often than not, they want to prevent us from making the same mistakes they did. Reddit user /u/Cabagekiller shared his vaping success story about a year ago. It’s tragic but it carries a strong message. The last thing his father did was to get him to promise that he would quit smoking and the next day he bought both of them starter kits. The morning after he was brutally attacked and ended up in a coma. Months passed and Cabagekiller persisted in not smoking, honoring his father’s wish. Eventually, he was called into the hospital and told that his father has passed away. His heart gave out after a long and valiant struggle.

Cabagekiller’s last Reddit update says that he’s still smoke-free. All we can say is - kudos, man! Your father would be very proud of you. We here at Auster certainly are.

3) This Mom’s Story Is Pure Onions - Be Warned!

Kids’ love for their parents is also pretty remarkable. Reddit user /u/mgunn shared her personal vaping success story that will bring tears to your eyes so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Although mgunn doesn’t share any details, her post makes it clear that her husband is deceased. Her then 13-year-old autistic son (the post was published three years ago) turned to her one morning as she was getting him ready for school and said: ‘Mommy I am proud you quit smoking, I don't want to miss you like I miss Daddy.’

Onions. Onions we tell you!

Mgunn did the only thing she could - she packed his bag, put him on the bus, and then went inside and cried her eyes out. Wouldn’t we all? She goes on to say that her (rather intelligent, in our opinion) son did his research on vaping and said it passed muster. He went as far as to check her bottles to make sure that she was using 0 mg vape juice. Here’s a son every parent would be proud of, right?!



4) Mom’s First Master Build

There you have it - someone’s 55-year-old mom vapes harder than half the vapers you know. And puts together awesome, clean builds that you will be hard-pressed to find any fault with. User /u/Esheezy12 is one proud son and he has every right to be. We’ve seen (and can be accused of) a lot sloppier builds. This photo shows that a lot of attention was put into twisting those coils - and the amount of cotton is also spot on.

Don’t worry - she tightened the screws before placing the cap on. We checked. On a side note, moms seem to be a lot better at coil-making. Most vapers on this thread agree that their dads would probably scorch bits of their bodies if they ever tried rebuilding.



5) Quitting Analogs After 53 Years - Now That’s a Feat

Another proud son shared his father’s vaping success story. After 53 years of smoking, this dad of an avid vaper and a Reddit user, /u/TheOneJoe, managed to ditch the toxic habit and go electric. The community had a blast with the photo, noting that dad is a spitting image of Super Mario, a character from a popular vintage video game. We agree wholeheartedly - that Super Bros stache goes great with that vape pen!

We’re also digging the Braves hat! However, most of all, we’re impressed with this dad’s determination and willingness to turn his life around after 53 years. If nothing, it shows that a dog is never too old to learn new tricks - especially the ones that can add years to his life!