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NYC Chinese New Year Guide

January 27, 2017

As we begin to settle into 2017, there’s already another milestone on the horizon: Chinese New Year.

We’ve always been a fan of the holiday. And just like King Titus did when he visited us last week,

(between exploring, vaping and hanging with friends) we like to go to Chinatown and take it all in.



So if you’re not ringing in the Year of the Rooster at MATTE’s  A Party with A Club Called Rhonda

(which, let’s be honest, you should be) here are some restaurants, events and other spots

where you can blanket yourself in the Chinese New Year spirit.


Carma East




If you’re hungry for a contemporary take on classic dim sum,

head over to Carma East in the heart of the East Village.

Carma East is cooking up some of the best contemporary dumplings

this side of the Pacific. And with a modern and chic interior,

the Carma East experience never disappoints.  


Jing Fong



There’s possibly no more authentic a Chinese eatery than Jin Fong.

In the thick of Chinatown, they serve up traditional Cantonese specialties,

and are known for gathering a hefty crowd—particularly on weekends.

Here, you’ll feast on traditional Chinese cuisine

that expresses a perfect balance of taste, texture and fragrance.


Chinese New Year Parade  

Feb 5th, 1pm - Chinatown



Watching the Chinese New Year parade is an experience like no other.

Confetti flies, balloons soar, drums beat.

It’s a truly joyous festival that can’t help but infect onlookers.

Take a peek on Elizabeth Street after your feast at Jing Fong.


Golden City Floral Arts


On the edge of Chinatown sits Golden City Floral Arts:

a labyrinth and maze of exceptionally beautiful flowers.

Ms. Wu, the owner, is renowned for her arrangement’s and generally hospitable nature.

Swing through and prepare for all your senses to be wowed.