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Five Hilarious Vape Incidents on Reddit

May 26, 2017

While Reddit vapers are often regarded as the potentially highest educated demographic of vapers (whether it be metallurgists, chemical engineers, or college kids browsing "ECR"), there are occasionally incidents that can't help but make us laugh. As long as there are no serious consequences, upvotes and cheeky comments are bountiful.


1) Dad's Piss 3mg Please

/u/OmegaTigBitties had quite the shock when he realized that living in a parent's house meant you were prone to their rules, even if you're old enough to vape. First, a post asking about why flavor seemed to change for him so drastically and terrible. A week later, in came the post explaining it all; "Dad" had allegedly peed in his bottles of juice without informing him. 


Source: DAD'S PISS


2) Ladybugs: An All Natural Vape

As a reminder to everyone to check and clean their vape frequently, /u/Thelockedsky took one for the team. Be sure to maintain all components of your vape so you don't get any nasty surprises from Mother Nature. 


ladybug.jpgSource: LADYBUG VAPE


3) Moisturized Vapes

While this could have ended up far worse, fortunately it didn't! /u/Tokyomaneater69 spent awhile trying to troubleshoot their device while still hesitant on any malfunctions or even accidents. Funnily enough, it was just a slip of the mind when they subconsciously placed a chapstick into their vape instead of a battery. Fair enough since both vapes and chapsticks are meant to be brought up to your mouth... 


chapstickbattery-1.jpgSource: CHAPSTICK BATTERY


4) Subconscious Soda

An unnamed redditor encountered something that most vapers do. The struggle of juggling very different things in either hand without confusing them. With a soda in one hand and a vape in the other, it's easy to get distracted and try to vape your drink. Unfortunately, that's almost what this person almost did; (s)he took a sip of Dr. Pepper and accidentally tried exhaling it while thinking it was vapor. Sticky desks are not fun. 

sodaspill.jpg Source: SODA SPILL


5) GPS Experiment

/u/AdirondackLouis who is actually one of the Reddit handlers for Adirondack Vapors posted an odd package received from another vendor with no explanation. The contents appeared to be some sort of electronic device, akin to a GPS tracker/transmitter. After the tin-foil hats and pitchforks were put away, /u/gremlinjuice clarified that it was the agreed-upon collaboration between vendors to route this across the country between multiple states. The reason? To see what was holding up the postal service from delivering timely orders! 

gpsusps.jpgSource: VAPING GPS